Deventer Cookery Book

Culinary history from cake to an emperor's dish

'The Deventer Cookery Book is a wonderful book based on a beautiful idea: to relate a city’s history through the lens of food. In his fascinating account of Deventer’s powerful trading history and with many delicious recipes taken from Roman times to the present, Michiel Bussink brings the city's rich culinary past to life, and is sure to inspire a new generation to continue it into the future.'

Carolyn Steel, author of the international bestseller Hungry City

Up to the present time, people think of its traditional cake when they think of Deventer in the Netherlands. But many other delicious products were (and are) served and eaten in the Hanseatic town. From stockfish to filled buckwheat pancakes, from trifle with chocolate fudge to Deventer cake. Those who read the book, will see the long, rich and fascinating culinary history of the town everywhere: the beautiful square ‘De Brink’, where white cabbage, carrots, eggs and coals are still sold as they were over 800 years ago. The ‘Bokkingshang’ near the river ‘IJssel’, where in Hanseatic times herring were smoked. The Latin School at which Erasmus studied and ate the spring chickens cooked by his mother. The former state domestic science school, where the headmistress not only taught her students culinary skills but acted as a matchmaker at the same time.

The recipes in this ‘Deventer Cookery Book’ are based on historical recipes and ingredients, but have been adapted to modern taste and customs to ensure Deventer’s culinary history will stay ‘alive and cooking’. It includes Michel A.J. Bussink’s own recipe for Deventer cake. 

In this Deventer Cookery Book Michiel Bussink takes you on a tasteful journey through time, with the recipes as a tourguide.